Modeled, sculpted, and textured a thug character for Nectar Game Studios' "Project Resurgence". Made modular to use the base body mesh in the game created by Marcel Rowe. 
 Game-ready model within the Unity engine.
 *Wonderful concept art by Kristian Sundin.
Personal project: with all the muscles and monsters I've been working on lately, I wanted to create something less testosteroney, and so I present to you Jean.
Personal project: World War I - inspired soldier.
Modeled, sculpted, textured and rigged a default male and female character for Nectar Game Studios' "Project Resurgence".
Anatomy study I worked on parallel to taking Scott Eaton's wonderful Anatomy for Artists online class.
Personal project: I wanted to try out ZBrush's new (at the time) fibermesh functionality. With all my moving around, the concept of leaving things behind comes up often, so I settled on an old toy box filled with things which once used to matter.
Low-poly character attire for the avatars within the World of Kaneva. The engine did not utilize normal or specular maps at the time. I researched, modeled, textured, and rigged the clothes. Base character meshes by Eric Evans.
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