Game-ready tavern, 2,441 triangles, two diffuse textures.
Isometric structure.
Game-ready airship, 1,976 triangles, one diffuse texture and one alpha.
After picking up AfterEffects for a couple of projects for work, I wanted to play around and do something for myself. So a quick trip to Walmart for some plain green cloth and I made a makeshift green screen to capture some of the footage. The rest was a bunch ofZbrush + AfterEffects fun.
Some of the levels I worked on at Kaneva. I was responsible for modeling and texturing most of the assets and environments shown here, as well as their integration, alternative collision creation, visual culling, etc. The engine at the time did not support normal maps, geometry and textures had to be extremely efficient, and a lot of technical aspects had to be taken into consideration for things to work with the large number of online users.

All the effects (anything burning, smoking, glowing, flickering, etc.) utilize a texture blending method I came up with which was widely used in the game. It involves feeding a control texture which blends the strategically-positioned and collapsed second set of UV's on an objet with per-pixel information from a control texture for desired effect. These can involve turning things on and off, animating things to move, or their most widely used function was to "program" the dance floors in the game to light up in predetermined patterns.
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